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SlickComment offers only 1 pricing plan, all features are included.
The price is $5.00/month plus an additional amount based on the number of new comments of that month.

5 sites

API Access


Unlimited page views

Unlimited users

Unlimited moderators

Pricing calculator

Monthly Price
Spam & deleted comments are not counted.
15-day free trial
No credit cards required

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide free trial?
Yes, you can try our product for 15 days without giving any payment information. After that, you need to subscribe to continue using our product.

When do I pay?
Every 30 days, we will send you an invoice and you have up to 21 days to pay.

How do I pay?
You can pay with credit cards or PayPal. Payments will be processed by Paddle.

What happens if I stop paying?
Your users can still see old comments but cannot post new comments. After 6 months, all data will be deleted.

When is the number of comments calculated?
3 - 5 days before we send you an invoice each month. You will be notified via email or you can check in the console dashboard.

What if I have more than 5 sites?
Each additional site will cost $1 per month.