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Need comments widgets for your website?

SlickComment can help you build a complete commenting system a few minutes!

How SlickComment helps?

We provide HTML & Javascript code that you can copy to your site to create comments sections. All the comments & related data are securely stored on our server and can be accessed via APIs & Webhooks.

Integration & customization can be done with minimal knowledge of programming (HTML & Javascript). You will save hundreds of hours of development time and still get beautiful, full-featured comments widgets.

Why choose SlickComment?

Focus on User Experience

SlickComment's user-friendly design encourages your audience to express their opinions.

Powerful Moderation Tools

SlickComment makes moderation much easier by automation and effective management tools.

Flexible Integration

SlickComment provides rich APIs and Webhooks to exchange data with your systems.

Fair Prices

SlickComment offers a pay-as-you-go pricing plan, you only pay for comments you approve.

Responsive Support

SlickComment's support team is always ready to help with any questions you have.


At SlickComment, we always research and improve to give customers the best values.


No Branding

No third-party logos to confuse your users.

No Ads & Tracking

Users' privacy is respected and protected.

Responsive Designs

All widgets are compatible with both desktop & mobile devices.

Easy Setup

Setup can be done within a few minutes.

Customizable Interface

Interfaces can be modified to better fit with your site's look.

Single Sign-On

Easy to implement SSO. Your users don't need another account.

API & Webhooks

Supports APIs & Webhooks to interact with your data.

Email Notifications

Your users will get notified when needed.


Text/Phrases in the widgets can be translated/changed easily.

Spam Protection

Spam comments are filtered out automatically.


You can disable automatic moderation completely or partially.

Ban/Trust users

Block bad users & make it easier for trusted users to comment.


Users can quickly give feedback to other comments by reactions.


Intuitive WYSIWYG editor with many formatting options.

Emojis, images & gifs

Users have different ways to express their ideas & opinions.


Migrate your data from/to another platform in a few clicks.

And a lot more...

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